Global Formwork System Market to 2028 - COVID-19 Impact and

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Dublin, Sept. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Formwork System Market Forecast to 2028 - COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis by Offering and Material Used" report has been added to's offering. The formwork system market is expected to grow from US$ 5,552.33 million in 2020 to US$ 7,486.32 million by 2028; it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.81% during 2020-2028. The advent of latest designs keeps encouraging the formwork manufacturers to roll out new and tailored solutions to fulfil the demand of abstract projects. The contemporary building system is getting dominated by ever-higher buildings and complex geometries. Therefore, success of such complex buildings relies on the efficiency of construction processes. With continuous technological developments, modular formwork systems are getting introduced with standardized component items and panels to lower the need of cutting material at site. Introduction of wireless temperature monitoring formwork system, fiberglass shuttering, tunnel formwork, concrete form lining formwork, and semi-system formwork are expected to propel the growth of the formwork system market in the coming years. Based on materials used, the metal segment is expected to register the highest CAGR in the global formwork system market during the forecast period. Steel and Aluminum formwork is an expensive formwork material; however, it has a multi reuse property. The steel formwork offers uniform and smooth surface finish to concrete surfaces. Bridges, dams, columns, tanks, sewer, chimneys, tunnel, and retaining wall are a few mass structures, which needs steel formwork as it keeps the structure stronger and safer. The steel formwork is becoming popular owing to properties such as strength, reuse, and durability for a longer period. Additionally, the steel formwork is completely moisture-proof/ waterproof and lower honeycombing effect, which further makes it ideal for circular/curved structures and over other material like timber. The COVID-19 outbreak across the world is negatively impacting the growth of the formwork system market. The lockdowns and other restrictions restricted the activities in construction sector, which restrained the growth of the formwork system market. However, the ease of lockdown restrictions along with the rising emphasis on the effective restoration of the construction industry is expected to support the speedy recovery of the market during the post-lockdown period. Reasons to Buy

Key Topics Covered: 1. Introduction 2. Key Takeaways 3. Research Methodology 4. Formwork system Market Landscape 4.1 Market Overview 4.2 PEST Analysis 4.2.1 North America 4.2.2 Europe 4.2.3 APAC 4.2.4 MEA 4.2.5 SAM 4.3 Ecosystem Analysis 4.4 Expert Opinions 5. Formwork system Market - Key Market Dynamics 5.1 Market Drivers 5.1.1 Increasing Number of Infrastructure Projects Globally 5.1.2 Growing Scope of Wood Formwork Across the Globe 5.2 Market Restraints 5.2.1 Less Construction Projects in Underdeveloped Countries 5.3 Market Opportunities 5.3.1 Growth in Construction Sector 5.4 Future Trends 5.4.1 Advent of New Formwork Technologies 5.5 Impact Analysis of Drivers and Restraints 6. Formwork system - Global Market Analysis 6.1 Global Formwork system Market Overview 6.2 Global Formwork system Market Revenue Forecast and Analysis 6.3 Market Positioning - Five Key Players 7. Formwork System Market - By Offering 7.1 Overview 7.2 Formwork System Market, by Offering (2020 and 2028) 7.3 Solutions 7.3.1 Overview 7.3.2 Solutions: Formwork System Market - Revenue and Forecast to 2028 (US$ Million) 7.4 Service 7.4.1 Overview 7.4.2 Service: Formwork System Market - Revenue and Forecast to 2028 (US$ Million) 8. Formwork System Market - By Material Used 8.1 Overview 8.2 Formwork System Market, by Material Used (2020 and 2028) 8.3 Wood 8.3.1 Overview 8.3.2 Wood: Formwork System Market - Revenue and Forecast to 2028 (US$ Million) 8.4 Metal 8.4.1 Overview 8.4.2 Metal: Formwork System Market - Revenue and Forecast to 2028 (US$ Million) 8.5 Others 8.5.1 Overview 8.5.2 Others: Formwork System Market - Revenue and Forecast to 2028 (US$ Million) 9. Formwork system Market - Geographic Analysis 10. Formwork system Market - COVID-19 Impact Analysis 10.1 Overview 10.2 North America 10.3 Europe 10.4 Asia Pacific 10.5 Middle East and Africa 10.6 South America 11. Industry Landscape 11.1 Overview 11.2 Market Initiative 12. Company Profiles 12.1 Encofrados Alsina 12.1.1 Key Facts 12.1.2 Business Description 12.1.3 Products and Services 12.1.4 Financial Overview 12.1.5 SWOT Analysis 12.1.6 Key Developments 12.2 Brand Industrial Services, Inc. 12.2.1 Key Facts 12.2.2 Business Description 12.2.3 Products and Services 12.2.4 Financial Overview 12.2.5 SWOT Analysis 12.2.6 Key Developments 12.3 Doka GmbH 12.3.1 Key Facts 12.3.2 Business Description 12.3.3 Products and Services 12.3.4 Financial Overview 12.3.5 SWOT Analysis 12.3.6 Key Developments 12.4 EFCO Corp 12.4.1 Key Facts 12.4.2 Business Description 12.4.3 Products and Services 12.4.4 Financial Overview 12.4.5 SWOT Analysis 12.4.6 Key Developments 12.5 FORSA SA. 12.5.1 Key Facts 12.5.2 Business Description 12.5.3 Products and Services 12.5.4 Financial Overview 12.5.5 SWOT Analysis 12.5.6 Key Developments 12.6 MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH 12.6.1 Key Facts 12.6.2 Business Description 12.6.3 Products and Services 12.6.4 Financial Overview 12.6.5 SWOT Analysis 12.6.6 Key Developments 12.7 MFE Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd 12.7.1 Key Facts 12.7.2 Business Description 12.7.3 Products and Services 12.7.4 Financial Overview 12.7.5 SWOT Analysis 12.7.6 Key Developments 12.8 PASCHAL-Werk G. Maier GmbH 12.8.1 Key Facts 12.8.2 Business Description 12.8.3 Products and Services 12.8.4 Financial Overview 12.8.5 SWOT Analysis 12.8.6 Key Developments 12.9 PERI GmbH 12.9.1 Key Facts 12.9.2 Business Description 12.9.3 Products and Services 12.9.4 Financial Overview 12.9.5 SWOT Analysis 12.9.6 Key Developments 12.10 Shandong Xingang Formwork Co., Ltd. 12.10.1 Key Facts 12.10.2 Business Description 12.10.3 Products and Services 12.10.4 Financial Overview 12.10.5 SWOT Analysis 12.10.6 Key Developments 13. Appendix

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